Bringing happiness by design

It started at a very young age, my passion to create and design. As a young girl I created and designed different images for my nails. Creating and designing, two very natural things for me to do. Several years later, after I had created a lot of designs for friends, opening a nail salon was an easy step to take. In my salon I had the chance to meet a lot of women, where I was able to bring them happiness and take away some of their worries. During their time in my salon I could give them a moment for themselves. It was then that I decided that I wanted to bring happiness to women in different seasons of their lives.

Because one of the seasons of a woman is the gift of becoming a mother, I wanted to have something special to share with them. The taking over of Be Baby was the perfect way to do this. By combining products with my passion to design I now have the opportunity to create something unique that a mother needs for her baby and that brightens up her day.

As a mother of two (a son, 8 years and a daughter 6 years old) I know all about the challenges you can face with finding good quality products, but I also know what it means to go through the proces of becoming and being a mother. The challenges you face, the sleepless nights you can have, being well balanced and of course the precious moments with your kids when your eyes are filled with tears of joy.

We at Be Baby will share with you our experiences of motherhood. We will provide a place to share your thoughts and offer unique high quality products for you and your baby, made with love and care. Because you love your baby and we care about mothers and baby’s.

Enjoy the happiness that we share through our stories and unique products.

With lots of love,
Daniëlle Moesman-Kenton